Splash Launch

Welcome to the first WebArtRep Splash!

 This is a weekly publication that will bring you news of local events, what’s happening in the local arts and crafts world, and most importantly: NEW Associates and their artwork!  WebArtRep is an eCommerce as a Service business for Artists. We provide web sales and marketing expertise to enable you, the Artisan to successfully grow and manage your business.  We provide a “One Stop Shop” for building your online art store (eStore).  We can create and manage some or all of your web presence and provide the marketplace for your artwork to be displayed and purchased by customers.  This allows you to focus what you do best, creating your art.  New Associates will also have a “Featured Artist” banner on the home page slider, as well as being featured in the weekly Splash.  To find out how to become a WebArtRep Associate and more information about what we do, go here:Join WebArtRep

Please click around on the site and visit the many features that are provided to you as an Associate.  You will also get a really good idea of what your potential clients will see when they visit your galleries and purchase your artwork. WebArtRep provides an easy to use eCommerce experience for your customers.  And that’s what it’s about in today’s competitive marketplace. Everybody is aware that they need to have a website these days, and most merchants want to address the huge marketplace that is the internet.  It is a lot of work and requires technical expertise to create and manage an up to date and successful eCommerce site.  WebArtRep can provide the complete service for you, including photographing your artwork and creating your catalogs and galleries, and even help you write your biography and product descriptions.  Having clear and attractive photographs of your items is paramount in selling on the web.  Keeping up to date catalogs is also extremely important, especially since you want your entire inventory to be available to your potential customers. We can even manage your Facebook and other Social Media venues.  We love to talk to customers!

How are we different than Etsy or eBay?  We are an “eCommerce as a Service” business.  We manage marketing and sales for you, and interface with your web customer. We are a local business, and can provide professional expertise for sales and marketing of your artwork. We represent local Artisans, but we sell and market globally! This frees up your time and energy to do what you do best, which is create your art, and fulfill orders that come in from the WebArtRep website. Other websites give you the tools to advertise your artwork, but you have the daunting task of creating the catalogs, your online store and advertising and marketing your inventory.  We also have the expertise to help you manage your successful online image and presence.

The galleries and artwork shown in this demo version of WebArtRep are all fictional.  The photography, graphics, biographical content, and galleries have been created by WebArtRep to show you what you can expect when you join.  As you are clicking around the site, please be sure to visit the following features of our service:

  • Galleries
  • Product Pages
  • Artist Biographies
  • Artist Contact Pages including Social Media links
  • Calendar
  • Artist and WebArtRep Blogs

Subscribe to our WebArtRep Splash to keep up to date on what’s happening in the local Santa Cruz art & craft world!  Find out when new Associates join so that you can be among the first to view their galleries and new work.  Contact WebArtRep with any questions regarding this publication or website. Contact WebArtRep




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