The WebArtRep Difference

How are we different than other eCommerce applications such as Etsy or eBay? We are a complete “eCommerce as a Service” business. We do much more than providing you the framework, and leaving you staring at a blank page and empty catalog. Other eStore applications give you the basic tools to advertise and sell your artwork, but you are left facing the daunting task of creating the catalogs, organizing and managing the eStore inventory, advertising and marketing your products, and following up with and supporting your customers. We provide the professional expertise to help you build your eStore, and then provide the marketing and sales management for you. And we manage the interface with your customer in a professional and efficient manner. We are a local business, and can thus provide the professional hands on services you require for internet sales and marketing.  This frees up your time and energy to do what you do best, which is create your art, and fulfill orders that come in through the WebArtRep website.