WebArtRep is a local e-commerce service that enables artists and craftspeople to market and sell their artwork on the Internet.

Once your portfolio and catalog are created and published, you can sell your products to the huge marketplace made available on the internet.  Additionally, you can continue to increase your market share and client base by taking advantage of the community networking and social media connection provided to you through WebArtRep’s Newsletter and advertising channels. We take care of increasing your exposure and bringing you more clients, while you concentrate on your craft.

WebArtRep provides an easy to use eCommerce experience for your customers.  And that’s what it’s about in today’s competetive marketplace.  Everybody is aware that they need to have a website these days, and most merchants want to address the huge marketplace that is the internet. It is a significant time and resource investment to create and manage an up to date and successful eCommecrce site.  Plus, expertise in web mraketing and technology is paramount in providing a successful site. WebArtRep can provide the complete service for you, including photographing your artwork and creating your catalogs and galleries.  We can even help you with creating your biography, your messaging and image, and also your catalog organization and product descriptions. Having clear and attractive photographs of your items is paramount in successfully selling on the web. Keeping up to date catalogs is also exptremely important, especially since you want your entire inventory to be available to potential customers. We can even manage your Facebook and other Social Media venues.  We love to talk to customers!